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Grow With Professional Podcast Production


Lark Media is a marketing and media agency helping promising brands and businesses thrive through professional podcast production throughout NYC. The field of podcasting is fertile for growing a personal brand or business. Still, many entrepreneurs lack the time and resources to develop a podcast, win over listeners and make new customers. That’s where we come in. We’re here to help get the word out about your brand by getting your entertaining, informative, and ultimately lucrative content out to the listeners who want to hear from you.

Boosted Brand Awareness

A majority of Americans listen to podcasts. Your brand or business will find vital opportunities to expand and grow your consumer base, appeal, and revenue if you strategize your podcast and think smart. The podcasting field is rich with exciting chances to increase your brand or business's power.


Podcast popularity is continuously increasing and evolving. As trends in culture and technology change, so do consumer tastes and desires. You have the chance to carve out your niche within the podcasting landscape and make a significant impression on listeners. Doing so will earn you credibility and a devoted following.

Audience Loyalty

If you're passionate about your brand or business and its unique offerings, there's an audience of like-minded listeners practically waiting for you, even if they don't know you exist yet. Podcasts allow you to express who you are as a brand or business and get your audience excited about what you have to offer.

New Audiences

You may already have a following on social media, through a newsletter, or other marketing channels, but it's likely they don't have the reach and capabilities a podcast can provide you. Your podcast will help you take advantage of untapped markets and consumers to expand your appeal while remaining true to yourself.

Marketing Channel Exposure

Your podcast and other marketing channels will have a fruitful symbiotic relationship if you execute your strategy correctly. If listeners love your podcast, they will likely follow you on social media and subscribe to your newsletters, blogs, and video content. Sign up for every major podcast platform and watch your brand or business thrive.

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Choose the Right Podcast Type for You

So, you have a fantastic idea for a podcast. But which format should you choose to present your content? We’ll help you decide on the eight distinct types of podcasting.

8 Types of Podcasting

Interview Podcasts

A host interviews special guests on each episode.

Conversational Podcasts

Two hosts discuss specific topics or themes.

Monologue Podcasts

One host speaks, usually on a particular topic.

Storytelling Podcasts

The host tells a story or investigates an event on each episode.

Roundtable Podcasts

A cast of hosts talk about specific or rotating topics.

Theatrical Podcasts

One or multiple hosts tell a story with a dramatic production.

Repurposed Content Podcasts

The host reshares stories or content from other mediums.

Hybrid Podcasts

A mix of different podcast styles integrated into a single show.

Why Professional Production Is Crucial to Success

Quality audio is everything to a successful, results-driven podcast. You may have the knowledge, charisma, and savviness needed to win over new clients in droves, but what’s the point of sharing your valuable content if listeners can’t hear it the right way? New and inexperienced podcasters encounter many obstacles and setbacks that cost them time, money, and the will to keep going. A poorly produced podcast can damage your credibility and lose potential consumers. Don’t risk making a podcast without the proper skills and equipment. We are a professional podcast production team with years of experience and cutting-edge technology to deliver your message and present your brand clearly and effectively.

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